Remember the Good Times?

That's what childhood memories are all about, remembering the good times.

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Note Southwest Gift Card

When I was a little girl, my mom & dad got a special deal for a trip to Disney World® through dad's job. It was my first trip on an airplane and I'm sure my parents could not afford this trip without this special deal.

They were having a cold snap in Florida, and we had to wear our coats, but we didn't care, this was fun.

When I heard about a new way that we could offer people a way to give their kids a great childhood memory without ruining the family budget, I was all in for this idea.

Big companies want you to try their products and have created special programs so that you can try their products or services without spending money. One of these programs is free gift cards.

We wanted to make it simple, so we came up with a new, fun way for people to try these gift cards without having to spend any money and there aren't any strings attached to this deal.

Keeping it Simple - No Money Required
Southwest Disney

Walk in any large supermarket or big retailer like Home Depot®, Walmart®, or Costco® and you will see very large displays of these exact same gift cards for sale. But here you do not buy them, they are free from The Gift Card ClubTM from

We made this so simple, here is my special offer.

I want to make sure that your kids have the same chance to enjoy a childhood memory that I had. Join the Gift Card Club and I'll make sure you have everything you need to get the gift cards you want without hurting the family budget.

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Thank you,

Just In Time For Christmas

It starts, just in time for the Christmas Holidays, a $500 gift card from Southwest Airlines® and a $100 gift card from The Disney Coumpany®, so you can take the kids to Florida.

Southwest Gift Card
Disney Gift Card

Don't miss out. Join us and try it for free.

Every time I do this it makes me feal like a millionaire. This is just too much fun.


When I take the grandkids, to McDonald's® I don't have to spend any money, I just use my free gift card.

I was worried about trying this because I don't know much about computers. If I can do this anyone can. It's easy. Go on and enjoy. This is fun, fun, fun.

Clearwater, FL